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Retreat to nature with me ...

Systemic Pathways Clearing   Healing Practitioner Course 

​This course is for those who prefer to learn in  a personal  hands on contact situation. 

This course is suitable for those who are spiritually active in practises i.e. Reiki, other certified energy healing modalities and/or Angelic Healing, with a basic to advanced understanding of the human energy systems and the twelve physical systems of the body.

You will learn! 
  • What and how Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing supports and assists healing the physical systems of the body at cellular level including the corresponding energetic systems simultaneously. 
  • The corresponding chakras connected to the Ten Physical Systems and how to determine blockages by the presenting physical problem of the client.    
  • How disease is created in the body by thoughts, emotions, beliefs, past lives and DNA.
  • Receive three SPC Healing session personally
  • How to conduct a healing session 
  • Being attuned to the energy source of this healing
  • Must be 20years of age & over

And much more! 
You will receive a certificate on completion!

Dates & Venue and costs will be posted for  next in person training being held at Castle Hill. 

Minimum & limited numbers will apply. If you would like to register your interest in advance, please feel free to fill out the contact form below and submit.

All welcome ~ Open to everyone nationally and internationally. 

Essential Practises for Light Workers  Course Retreat

This course is for those who prefer to learn in  a personal hands on contact situation. 

Experience this amazing course in person with Nantah on a five (5) day intensive. This is a hands on learning experience which will provide you with an International Certificate to start working as a professional Light worker in whatever way you decide. That may be as a psychic, psychic medium or healer or all three. 

You may even want to come along to expand your own abilities and to learn the spiritual arts for your personal spiritual advancement! 

You will learn! 
  • Code of Ethics & Practices
  • What it means to be a Light Worker
  • The Seven Planes of Existence
  • Guardian Angels & Ascended Masters
  • Your Spirit Support Team
  • Principals of Working with Spirit
  • Meditation to expand connection
  • The Spiritual Arts
  • The Instruments
  • The Three Foundations
  • Meet & Connect with Your Spirit Guide
  • Aura  & card Readings
  • Psychic & mediumship readings
  • Soul Rescue
  • Energy Clearings on yourself & others                   
​And much more! 
You will receive a certificate on completion! 

Dates, Venues and costs will be posted for the retreat when the next one is available.

Minimum & limited numbers will apply. If you would like to register your interest in advance, please feel free to fill out the contact form below and submit.

All welcome ~ Open to everyone nationally and internationally. ​​
Personal Development Retreat

An amazing invest in yourself & your future. 
Join me for this wonderful opportunity to nurture yourself, relax & rejuvenate.

The unique Body Mind Resolution Healing is now offered in an ultimate fast track program.   Learn & develop personal skills to assist your success in life!

 Clear your path to move forward! 
  • Changing your outdated beliefs  
  • Increased confidence to be who you truly are 
  • Move from self doubt to self trust
  • Increase confidence, self belief & worthiness   
  • Learn to love who you truly are                               
  •  Heal the past & close the door on it forever   
  •  Set yourself free of old obligations, oaths, vows & contracts - all lifetimes    
  •  Learn to tap into your soul self & listen to your truth
  •  Embrace your life purpose & move forward    
  • Group teaching & individual energy healing 

  • Plus a further three personal one on one sessions following the reatreat weekend. 

When you are away from your usual environment, you suddenly realise how much you have needed this time away to recharge your batteries and give yourself the gift of love and nurturing! 

Watch this page or my Facebook page for the next retreat date. 

All welcome ~ Open to everyone nationally and internationally.                                                                                    

All healing modalities & courses are approved & registered by 
the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.
​NSW Australia 

 Online Internationally Certified Courses

Essential Practise for Light Workers 

Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing

Body Mind Resolution Healing only available once per year.

This option remains available for those who would like to study online.
All three of these courses are offered at 3 monthly intervals during the year. 

                Below are the individual Course Curriculums which include all the benefits, terms, conditions                        and payment plans.If you require further information or would like to chat with me, please do not hestitate to contact me. 

1. Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing Practitioner Course

2. Essential Practises for
Light Workers Course

3. Body Mind Resolution Healing Practitioner Course

Nantah has been a professional Light Worker for over 25 years. 

Nantah's Qualifications;​​​​
Theta Healer, Reiki Master-Teacher,  Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Thought Field Therapist, Homeobotanical Pracitioner,
Herbal Essence Practitioner, Holistic Pulsing Practitioner,  Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator for Health & Peak Performance, 
Psychic Medium and Spiritual Mentor

Pioneer & Trainer of these three unique certified courses
Body Mind Resolution Healing Programme,    Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing,    Essential Practises for Light Workers Course 

As a Member and an Approved Training Provider certified by The International Institute for Complimentary Therapist 
you are guaranteed quality service and ethical practises. 

All courses are available internationally  online and able to be conducted via Skype or FaceTime to anywhere around the world.
The outcome of these sessions is exactly the same as if you were in person.